Professional Cuddler

A​ young man is about to meet his
long-distance lover for the first time--
while pursuing his dreams in NYC playing the trumpet by day
and working as a Professional Cuddler by night.

Professional Cuddler is a 15 minutes short film,
Mika's thesis project for her Master's in Directing
at The School of Visual Arts in NYC. 

It was officially selected to over 35 film festivals and won 9 awards including "Best Director" in Mumbai International Film Festival, "Best Director" in Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival and "Best Short Drama" and Sunscreen Film Festival. 

Watch the trailer:

Itamar Borochov 
Gloria Bess
Dana Ivey 
Shigeko Suga 


Directed by Mika Orr

Written by Mika Orr & Miki Ben Cnaan

Produced by Danae Grandison & Mikooka Productions 

Executive Producer: Bob Giraldi
Director of Photography: Owen Strock
Editor: Shimon Spector

Production Designer
Annie Chernecky

Associated Producers:
Guy Orr
Yael Lotan
Sarah Lotan
Ronnen Harary
Mira&Nir Gilad
Ray Guarnieri
Piers Thompson


Music by: Adam Ben-Amitai
Composer  and performer of live trumpet scenes: Itamar Borochov

Casting Director: Destiny Lilly   
First A.D: Sam Loshiavo
Script Supervisor & Wardrobe Stylist: Naama Raban
Sound Mixer: Brian Cushin


1st AC: Pat Raymound, Tim Trotman
B Camera Operator: James DuBourdieu

Gaffer: Giovannie Silva
Key Grip: Jude Driscoll

DIT&Set Photographer: Amanda Alvich
Hair/MU: Rie Orgie

Production Assistant: Jeanne Coppola

Design & Animation: Jewboy Corp Studio
Colorist & Visual Effects: Max Fergio
Title design: Andrea Schmitz

Storyboard Artist: Brenan Fay-Martin
Sound Design: Itai Matos
Accordion player: Yoav Ilan