"DUET" is a 21 minute short fictional film written and directed by Mika Orr. 

Duet is the story of one fateful day in the lives of 8-year-old girls May and Shadmit, who dislike each other but learn that their lives have become oddly intertwined forever. 


Duet is a multidisciplinary project, uniquely integrating film and music. The story raises questions about loneliness, regret, subject memory and fate that ties two children together for a lifetime.

In Distribution. 

Director Statement:

‘Duet’ is a semi-autobiographical and very personal project for me.
As a child of divorced parents, I experienced quite a few encounters with new romantic partners of my parents. When I was eight, the girl I hated most in my class moved into our home as a result of her mom and my dad becoming a couple.
That was the inspiration behind the story of ‘Duet’. The gap between reality and fantasy is an area that I enjoy exploring and what gave rise to ‘Duet’ being a love story.
In reality, the fierce hatred between me and the other girl turned into rivalry and mounted difficulties that eventually led to the separation of our parents.
Feelings of guilt and remorse deeply shaded the encounter with her, and it took me many years to realize that these precise feelings sometimes are the ones powerful enough to generate very strong connections between people.
On the other hand, I remember how, as a child, I hoped and fantasized that one day that girl would turn out to be my soulmate later in life. A common fate that bonds two people in an early stage of their lives has always made me very envious and is a notion I explored throughout the film's making. Other topics stemmed from it, such as parental neglect, bonds formed by loneliness, nostalgia, and subjective memory.




*Out On Film Atlanta's LGBTQ Film Festival (San Francisco, USA, 2020, Official Selection) 

*Beverly Hills Film Festival (Los Angeles, USA, 2021, Official selection) 

*Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival (Seoul, South Korea, 2021, Official selection) 


*Woodstock Film Festival (NY, USA, 2021, Official selection) 

*Vox Feminae (Croatia, 2021, Official Selection) 

*Washington Jewish Film Festival (Washington, USA, 2021, Official selection) 

*Short to the Point (Romania, 2021, WINNER: BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM) 

*Moscow International Children’s Film Festival (Moscow, Russia, 2021, Official selection) 

*Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival (Honolulu, USA, 2021, Official selection) 

*LA Diversity Film Festival (Los Angeles, USA, 2021, Official selection) 

*Annual Lady Filmmakers festival (Los Angeles, USA, 2021, Official selection) 

*Tirana Film Festival (Tirana, Albania, 2021, Official selection) 

*Iowa Independent Film Festival (Iowa, USA, 2021, WINNER: BEST WOMAN FILM) 

*Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival (Rhode Island, USA, 2021, Official selection) 


*International Film Festival Golden Beggar (New Delhi, India, 2021, Official selection) 


*SENE Film Festival (Rhode Island, USA, 2021, HONORABLE MENTION: BEST LGBTQ FILM) 



*World of Film International Festival Glasgow (Scotland, 2021, Official selection) 


*KIDS First / Coalition for Quality Children's Media (San Francisco, USA, 2021, Official Selection) 

World of Film International Festival Glasgow (USA, 2021, Official Selection) 

Children Short Film Festival (London, UK, 2021. Official Selection)

ASTI International Film Festival (Italy, 2021, Official Selection)

Short Film Factory (Romania, 2022. HONORABLE MENTION) 

San Diego International Kids' Film Festival (USA, 2022, Official Selection) 

Cyprus International Film Festival "Golden Aphrodite" (Cyprus, 2022, Official Selection


Cast ------ 

Little May: Talia Kadoury

Little Shadmit: Hili Levy 


Adult May: Alex Moshe

Adult Shadmit: Michal Eliassaf


Father: Golan Azulai

Mother: Adi Gilat
Bat-El: Ya’ara Ben Aharon
Man on the bike: Rami Baruch
Maths Teacher: Anat Elizarov
Art Teacher: Simha Spector 

Crew ------ 

Hila Ben Shushan


Director of Photography:

Daniella Nowitz

Director of Photography live show scenes:

Ofer Ben Yehuda

Art Director and Wardrobe:
Vera Grinblat



Shimon Spector

Mika Orr 

Associate producer:
Roni Hirshenson 


Original Music by:

Adam Ben Amitai 


Written and Directed by:

Mika Orr

Produced by Mikooka Productions 

First Assistant Director: Amit Shamir

Second Assistant Director: Adva Cohen, Paz Reicher


Additional Cast:
Children (alphabetical order):
Daniel Benbenishti

Lia Ben-Dror

Lia Cohen

Maor Sharon Hefetz

Noam Epstein

Noga Cohen

Omri Hasidim

Rotem Liron

Roy Yurist

Shahaf Inbar

Shai Dahari

Shalev Noy

Shira Gurfein

Tom Kelman

Yehonathan Koren

Yonatan Nuriel

Yotam Hasidim


Band members:

Matan Egozi
Shelly Levy
Maor Shvartzberg


Fight Coordinator:

Dima Osmolovsky

Additional editors:

Eyal Dimant
Hadass Taub Ben Ezra

Art Director’s assistant:
Raphael Elmalem

"B" Camera Operators:
Ofer Ben Yehuda
Daniel Bar

Tom Goldwasser

Additional Cinematographers - Live show
Daniel Miran
Dudu Itzhaki
Lior Ben Shabat 

Shai Shriki 


1st AC:

Doron Peled

Ilay Mevorach

Rami Simantov


2nd AC:
Lisa Vasilieva
Mielle Lavie


Script Supervisor:
Daniel Bloom 


Sound Mixer: Nir Aviam
Sound Mixer Live Show: Oz Zikerman 


Eric Mizrahi

Light Design live show:

Muhamed Abo Salme


Best Boy (alphabetical order):
Afek Eyal

Aviv Mesgenick

Ilia Feld

Inbar Marmalshtein

Ofri Margalit

Tzahi Sharon


Liran Rehana 


Makeup Artist:

Vered Sade Tal


Visual Effects:

Jim Hillin


Frederick Trevino

Shadmit’s paintings:
Miki Ben Cnaan

Office production assistants - Mikooka Productions:
Tali Yaakov
Noa Gover
Jennifer L. Merrick

Production Assistants (alphabetical order):
Adam Barshai

Amit Liran

Barak Chen

Daniel Razinski

Kobi Mizrahi

Lihi Solomon

Noa Hayet

Omer Eventov

Paz Reicher
Ophir Erez 


Sound Designer and Mixer:
Jasmin Klinger

Graphic Design:
Jose Carneiro


Camera, electric and grip rentals:

Movie Mobile - Shani Yancu 


Original Songs: 

Main song - “Surrounded By People”:
Lyrics: Aya Korem, Ali Keller, Mika Orr
Composed and produced by: Adam Ben Amitai
Singer: Alex Moshe
Additional Singer: Aya Korem 


Ending song “Round The Fire” by Folly Tree - Alex Moshe