"DUET" is a 21 minute short fictional film written and directed by Mika Orr. 

Duet is the story of one fateful day in the lives of 8-year-old girls May and Shadmit, who dislike each other but learn that their lives have become oddly intertwined forever. 


Duet is a multidisciplinary project, uniquely integrating film and music. The story raises questions about loneliness, regret, subject memory and fate that ties two children together for a lifetime.

In Post-Production. 

Cast: Talia Kadoury, Hili Levi, Golan Azulai, Rami Baruch, Adi Gilat, Alex Moshe, Michal Eliassaf

Producer: Hila Ben Shoushan 
Director of Photography: Daniella Nowitz, Oper Ben Yehuda
Editor: Hadas Ben Ezra
Music: Adam Ben Amitai 
Sound Design: Yasmin Klinger 
Produced by Mikooka Productions
(Full list of cast and crew soon)