Mika Orr

Awards & funds

2022 Honorable Mention at the Short Film Factory (for "DUET") 
2021 IDFA (Officially selected, DocLab Competition - #AMiNORMAL
2021 CNC. fund (France, for #AMiNORMAL)

2021 The New Film Fund (NFCT, for #AMiNROAML) 
2021 Best Woman’s Film at Iowa Independent Film Festival (for "DUET") 
2021 Best Short Film at the ReadingFilmFest (for "DUET")
2021 Best Cinematography at the ReadingFilmFest (for "DUET")
2021 Honorable Mention Best LGBTQ Film at the SENE Film Festival (for "DUET") 
2021 Best Experimental Film at Short To The Point Film Festival (for "DUET")
2019 Best Director at the Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival (for "Professional Cuddler")  
2018 Best Director at the Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival (for "Professional Cuddler")  

2018 Best Short Drama at the Sunscreen Film Festival (for "Professional Cuddler") 

2018 Audience Award at the Falcon International Film Festival (for "Professional Cuddler") 

2018 Board of Directors Award at the North Carolina Film Festival (for "Professional Cuddler") 

2017 Honorable Mention at the International Student, Newcomer, and Woman Movie Awards (ISENMA) 

2017 Best Women Filmmaker at the LA Indie Film Festival (LAIFFA) 

2017 Runner-Up at MPS Directing's annual SVA Short Film Fest (for “Professional Cuddler”)

2017 Alumni Scholarship Award - School of Visual Arts (for “Professional Cuddler”)

2017 Paula Rhodes Memorial Award for exceptional achievements

2017 Development fund from the French governmental fund “Pictanovo” (for the project “AMiNORMAL)

2016 Development fund from the prestige “Gesher” fund (for “Two”)

2007 Filmaka award (for “The Player”)

Professional Experience


2018 - 2021


  • Opened the Mikooka Production's branch in NYC

  • Writer and Director of her project “AMiNORMAL”, a digital documentary/animation series of 8 episodes, a co-production between Arte and Kan. Premiered at IDFA (in distribution). 

  • Director and producer of her first full-length documentary project, following displaced children in Colombia, Uganda and Germany (in production)

  • Writer and Director of the award winning short fiction film called DUET (in distribution).

  • Executive Producer for a Commercial that was a finalist in the 2018 Coca-Cola Regal Films Competition, directed by Amanda Alvich. The commercial played in Regal theaters throughout the country.



  • DP of the feature documentary “Stains” directed by Katy Diakova, for channel 8.

  • Writer & Director of "Profes​sional Cuddler" - An award winning short fiction film (15.5 min) 


2008 – Present:            

Founder and Creative Director of Mikooka Productions. Mika was the writer, director and executive producer of the following:


  • BTS documentaries on numerous feature projects of leading filmmakers; Academy Award winner Natalie Portman’s directorial debut (“A Tale of Love and Darkness”), Academy Award winner Alexander Dinelaris (writer of “Birdman”) and Academy Award nominee Joseph Cedar (“Footnote”).

  • From 2011 - 2018 Yad Vashem Museum commissioned over 30 educational documentaries that were distributed world wide, and were translated to five languages- English, German, Greek, Spanish and Russian. Some of those videos were in collaboration with the Anti-Defamation League and Steven Spielberg's USC Shoah Foundation.

  • Marketing videos and branded content for international corporations, including: Coca Cola, Spin Master, Caesarstone, Kimberly Clark, among others.

  • In five years, Mikooka Productions made over 80 marketing videos and branded content for Google.

  • Short documentaries and branded content for museums and galleries: African Studies Gallerie TLV, Litvak Gallery, Hecht Museum, Jerusalem Cultural Season.

  • Produced and directed videos of performances by famous musicians including Marina Maximilim/Cobus/2CHELLOS/Maria Aragon, YEMEN BLUES, Raz Shmueli, Nouvelle Vouge, Alon Olearchik, Sharon Eyal, Shlomi Shaban.

  • Established a footage bank department for Mikooka Productions


2007-2011 Director of Photography & Camera Department

  • DP of one episode in the series, “Who Do You Think You Are?”, directed by Nurit Kedar, for Channel 1.

  • DP of French documentary series “7 Minutes to Life”- Sept Minutes Pour Une Vie, Channel 5, France

  • DP of the documentary film “Captured: The Story of Karnit Goldwasser,” directed by Nurit Kedar for Channel 10

  • Second Camera Operator for TV show "Deus", Yes Cable TV

  • DP of a short documentary (dir. Gili Noiman) for the NGO Shahal.


2007 – 2008

  • Creative Director of the New Media Department at the Herzliya Studios



  • Established a very successful interactive internet platform called "Let There Be Movie" for bringing industry professionals together. Set up a competition for screenwriters and produced and directed the winning screenplay into a film, "The Good Soul" (fiction, 11 mins, written by Guy Boskobweinik) which participated in several film festivals all over the world. Premiered at Palm Beach International Film Festival. 


2003 – 2007

Directed, shot and edited a number of independent projects including:

  • Bon Voyage, (fiction, 37 mins) presented at NYIIFF

  • The Player, (fiction, 3 mins)

  • One at a Time, (fiction, 20 mins)

  • My Favourite Things, (documentary 30 mins)





2016 - 2017

  • Master’s in Directing, School Of Visual Arts, NYC

  • Graduated with honors.