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Premiering on January 2022
on Arte & Kan TV,
iNORMAL is a trip
down the rabbit hole of
human abnormalities.
Imperfections. Self-obsessions.

Professional Cuddler

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DUETAn award winning short Fiction film 

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Mika Orr is an award winning filmmaker, working as a writer, director and producer of fiction and documentary projects under her production company “Mikooka Productions.” She’s interested in topics of identity, migration, fantasy and intersections between cultures.

Orr started her career as an independent film director at the age of 15.  

She was the lead Cinematographer on award-winning feature documentaries (“Chronicle of a Kidnap” and “Stains.”) She’s had numerous documentaries broadcast on Israeli National Television, and was the Cinematographer / Director of a BTS documentary of Academy Award winner Natalie Portman's directorial debut: “A Tale of Love and Darkness.”

In 2008, she established her own production company, Mikooka Productions, and directed hundreds of branded content videos for clients like Google Israel, Coca Cola the European Union, and the Tel Aviv Municipality; documentaries and educational films for clients like Yad Vashem and The Israeli Museum; and music / dance videos for leading Israeli and international artists such as Marina Maximilian, 2CHELLOS, Nouvelle Vogue (French), Alon Olearchik and Sharon Eyal.

In May 2017, she earned a master's degree with honors from School of Visual Arts in New York. Her latest short film "Professional Cuddler," was officially selected to over 35 film festivals around the world and won 9 awards. 

These days she’s working on her first feature-length documentary film following the lives of three displaced children around the world. The story will be told solely from the children’s perspectives and is shot over the span of more than two years in Africa, Colombia and Europe.

In 2022, Mika is releasing her project #AMiNORMAL - a documentary/animation comedy web series about the human effort to define “normal,” a co-production, with ARTE, a French/German television channel, and Kan, the Israeli public broadcaster. Premiered at IDFA 2021. 

Portfolio  -  Fiction

*All works written and directed by Mika Orr
Dana Ivey GIF from Professional Cuddler - short film by Mika Orr
Jewish letter carrier in Warsaw Ghetto


Portfolio  -  DOCUMENTARY

*All works produced, written. and directed by Mika Orr
BTS of Natalie Portman's feature, directed by Mika Orr
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Jewish letter carrier in Warsaw Ghetto

The Oneg Shabbat Underground Archive in the Warsaw Ghetto

Portfolio  -  Music videos & live shows

*All works produced, edited and directed by Mika Orr
Music video "Panasim" directed by Mika Orr

Portfolio  -  mika's works as director of photography

In addition to directing original projects, cinematography for documentary films is an integral part of mika's life and has taken her all over the world: From the office of the president of France to syrian refugee camps in jordan, from a McDonald's in Ohio to a rainforest in Ukraine.

For the past 19 years mika always carried a camera wherever she goes. there are over 2000 hours of footage in her personal archive and she is always on the lookout for new documentary adventures.

BTS of Natalie Portman's feature, directed by Mika Orr
Jewish letter carrier in Warsaw Ghetto

chronicle of a kidnap
(documentary feature)